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Run where you play have to run because you can't go anywhere else right now. 

Individual Donors

Race Overview

This is a challenging course but also easy, we're not exactly sure what it'll look like for you. Could go either way. There will be plenty of water and leftovers at the aid stations.

Race Day: April 25 (or whenever you want, we don't really care)
Time: Early morning or late evening or sometime in between
Location: Your house.
Course Type: Loop probably
Stroller Friendly: Why not
Dog friendly: Are you going to make your dog leave?!
Terrain: Road or trail (or maybe carpet)

Business Donors

Travel Overview

We recommend staying in your house and not going anywhere. Seriously. Don't even think about it. Okay maybe the grocery store but that's IT. 

Weather: Whatever your thermostat is set to
Where to fly into: Don't fly, too many germs
Where to Stay: Home (yours, not someone else's)
Driving Directions: Just turn your car on and then off again

Invite a friend to run with 6 ft. away from you!

Beautiful Swag Options

In all seriousness, this is a real "virtual" race that you can sign up for! Do it on your own time and wherever works best for you. A portion of each registration will be donated to the Wander Project to support our National Park communities. 

Race Shirt

Race Bib


Common Questions and Event Specifics

Registration Deadline & Race Day

Registration will be open through race day as supplies last. Most people will run that day BUT you can do it when and where works best for you. Because we strive to honor the tradition of in-person races, you’ll receive messages as if that is race day for you, just know that we’re okay with it if you need to do something different.

Shirts & Bibs

Shirts and/or bibs ordered by April 5 will arrive around April 24. Registrations processed after April 5 will ship in mid-May. If the color of the shirt you selected is out of stock, the next closest color will automatically be substituted for you.

Early Shipment Deadline: April 5, 2020 (passed)
Regular Shipment Deadline: April 25, 2020


Medals must be earned by finishing the race. This helps us maintain the spirit of the traditional race experience. We'll begin shipping medals in late May to those participants who:

added a medal to their registration AND reported their finish time (by the reporting deadline)

The reporting deadline is usually 30 days after an event. Considering what's going on in the world, reporting will be open through at least June 1, 2020.


For tracking your distance and time, you can use whatever app or system that works best for you. All we need is the finish time. We use the honor system to verify results, so if you say you did, we have no reason to not believe you.

To report your finish time, click here and follow the prompts. This video shows what the process looks like.


Results are just for fun - but see how you stack up.




Premium Everyday 
Ladies / Tank / Mens

Premium Tech 
Ladies / Mens

Youth (Choose "Men" then S, M, or L)


Rave Reviews

I can't believe how epic this location was. Absolutely stunning. I've gotta say, it felt like home from the moment I arrived. You guys always do such a stellar job and this event was no exception!

John Ramos

Thank you so much for finally hosting an event here. It's been on my bucket list for years! Now I can finally say I've run here.

Annie Smith

This is literally the last place I would ever choose to run. The location was disappointing, the course was not how they described it (nobody told me there'd be LEGOs all over the ground), and they RAN OUT OF TOILET PAPER!!

Tim Turner

What the heck is THIS all about?! Why would I pay you to run in my own house? This doesn't make any sense.

Mary Adams

About Wander Project

It's more important than ever to support the communities that inspire us to run, explore and of course, wander.

Wander Project is working closely with community partners and athletes to raise funds to help these communities survive the impacts they're seeing as a result of COVID 19. 

We also know this has impacted other communities so we're expanding our reach! We're offering options to raise additional funds that can go to support nonprofit organizations in the areas athletes live... this means the money raised in your community will come back to your community!

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