Hometown Explorer Club
May 2020 Scavenger Hunt

Be a Tourist Where You Live!

You have all these destinations you hope to check off your bucket list, but what about your own hometown? How much of your own backyard have you yet to discover?

  • Discover the history of your city
  • See the beautiful parks and peaks your area has to offer
  • Do some good in your neighborhood
  • Try something for the first time

Exploring your hometown is just as important as exploring the National Parks

How much do you really know about where you live? 

  • How old is your city? 
  • Who settled it?
  • Are there any original structures left?
  • What plants grow there natively?
  • Is there any interesting wildlife?
  • Did any famous people grow up there?
  • What's the highest elevation point?
  • Are there any public lands nearby?
  • What's the oldest business still in operation today? 

We want to help you to get out there and get to know your city. 

We'll provide a list of tasks to complete across 6 different categories. Each task completed is worth varying points. Earn enough points and we'll send your official wooden Hometown Explorer badge. 

Discover where you are and you'll be amazed by all the things you've been taking for granted. Let's explore!

May 16th is Super Day! (points are doubled)

If you've run any of the National Park half marathons, you're probably familiar with the “club hikes” program. If runners complete these iconic hikes inside the National Park within 72 hours of finishing their race they can receive a medallion that resembles an official US NGS survey marker "benchmark".

Or maybe you've participated in the National Parks' Junior Ranger program. Junior Rangers learn about a variety of topics and complete a workbook about the park's ecosystem. Once complete, applicants are presented their Junior Ranger pin by an official park ranger. 

National Park Junior Ranger Badge